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Mark, Portage, MI

After falling upon hard times such as loss of income, bankruptcy, adjustable rate mortgage and increased family size, we were unable to afford our house payment. We tried multiple times to work with our mortgage company and tried to refinance with other lenders to no avail. We were facing foreclosure. We researched our options and found Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. online. Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. worked wonders for us. Our original mortgage was for $138K. Our mortgage company was able to settle for $45K. Our total debt wiped clean was $93K. We now have a fresh start thanks to Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. Thank you so very much.

Shannon & Nicole, Lowell

Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. was very open and honest and transparent with our situation from start to finish of going through foreclosure and its proceedings. We approached them in a time of need and they answered the call and more! They kept the process simple, communicated what we had to do and helped us realize we were not alone and able to help make a way out of our situation with our home. Our original debt on the house after a previous refi. was at $168,000 for our ranch 3 bedroom home. Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. was able to take on the mortgage company on our behalf and negotiate a short sale that allowed the company to find buyers and for us to walk away from this house with $83,000 in debt wiped out and allow us a way to find a new place to live and get our credit report to a better place. Thanks to the Great Lakes Home Solutions Team!

Erik & Dawn, Vicksburg

Since I have received a letter from Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc., my life has changed dramatically. My house was in foreclosure and the sale date was only a few weeks away. After talking to a few associates from Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc, they had not only stopped the foreclosure, but helped negotiate a short sale with the mortgage companies. I owed over $150,000 at the time and they negotiated a sale with the mortgage companies for only $52,000, which is over $98,000 debt wiped-out. Furthermore, Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. found a buyer and went to the closing because I could not be there since I was over 300 miles away. I did all the necessary paperwork by email and mail. I will definitely recommend Great Lakes home Solutions Inc to everyone I know.

Craig, Portage

When Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. approached me, I had gone through a divorce and was left with a house that I couldn't make payments on. The debt load was $204,000. As a single Mom, there was no way I could finance this amount. I exhausted all options. When Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. contacted me, I was at my wits end. My house had been listed for several months and nothing was happening. The mortgage company was getting more aggressive. I just didn't know what to do.

I met with Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. and we discussed my options with what they could do for me. They approached the bank and came to an agreement of a short sale of $101,000. The bank accepted - what a relief!! When buyers came along who were interested things came to a close quickly. I had $103,000 of debt wiped out because of their help. I can now breathe.

I would definitely refer anyone having issues with their house payment to Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc.

Karen, Cedar Springs

I had the opportunity for Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc to help me through my difficult time of facing foreclosure on my house. They were always in constant communication with me and helped make things a bit easier to face. My original debt on the home was $128,000 and they wiped out $78,000 that was owed after settling for $50,000. I am very much impressed with this company and can't thank them enough for all their help and support.

Diane, Kalamazoo

"Emily and Joel at Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. and the team at Assist 2 Sell were great to us. They helped us get out of the foreclosure mess that we were in after my husband lost his job and we fell behind on the high mortgage payments. They were all very knowledgeable of the foreclosure process. They were able to clear $12,000 of debt and got the mortgage company to settle through a short sale. They gave us the chance to be homeowners again. We would recommend this team to anyone. Thanks guys!"

David and Bobbi, Hamilton

"We contacted Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. because of a mailing ad that we received in the mail. Joel contacted us and the process started very quickly & efficiently. I lost my job and foreclosure was in our future. Joel explained the process and what they could do for us. We closed on our house in December of 2008 and wiped out $151,000 worth of debt."

Denny & Vicki, Gowen

"My wife and I moved to the east side of Michigan from Battle Creek due to a new job. We had tried to sell our house for two years without one offer. I saw Great Lakes Home Solutions's website online and called. My wife was very skeptical, but we met with Great Lakes Home Solutions and we were immediately impressed. There were very thorough with explaining the process and communicated with us often. They were able to sell our house in five months and were able to wipe out $56,000 worth of debt. We were very impressed and would recommend them to anyone struggling to sell their house."

Ryan & Carla, Battle Creek

"We appreciated all the work Great Lakes Home Solutions did on our behalf. We were trying to work with our bank, but couldn't get through all the bureaucracy of the bank. Great Lakes Home Solutions was able to keep working with the bank to find someone who could make a decision. The original loan was for $140,000 which we could never have sold the house for. Great Lakes Home Solutions and Erin Cramer (Realtor) found a buyer for our home. The bank netted $58,400. Our total debt wiped out was over $81,000. Thank you so much."

Jeffrey & Tammy, Kalamazoo

"Great Lakes Home Solutions did a wonderful job in helping us. They were very understanding and helped us with dealing with our hardship. They made a difficult situation easier. We appreciate their help in facilitating the sale of our home."

Larry and Pollie, Portage, MI

"In regards to our need of facing foreclosure, we were rescued by Joel Zieve and his staff to not only protect our family but also provide the greatest service in assisting us to settle a debt exceeding $75,000.00. Without Joel Zieve and Great Lakes Home Solutions, we would be in dire straits with nowhere to turn but face foreclosure. It is my sincere recommendation that if anyone faces a similar situation as our family, you would immediately contact Great Lakes Home Solutions. I am 100% confident you will feel as fortunate as our family is."

William and Kristin, Hudsonville, MI

"In working with Great Lakes Home Solutions, I found the staff to be informative and helpful in my situation. During a difficult time, Great Lakes Home Solutions was able to sell my home and relieve me of an $83,000 debt. They were truly the avenue to an answered prayer."

Cynthia, Grand Rapids, MI

"I was in a bad situation with my mortgage company. They would not work with me at all. I owed $118,000 on my property and home. I called Great Lakes Home Solutions and spoke with Joel Zieve. He met with me; we signed some documents for him to work with the mortgage company. His team has now sold my house for $44,000, and I owe nothing. The mortgage company has wiped off the balance of $76,000. I am relieved and very happy."

Larry, Gowen, MI

"During my divorce proceedings in 2008 my home went into pre-foreclosure. Desperate, I went to the Internet looking for a solution. I came across Great Lakes Home Solutions and gave them a call. Joel assured me that he would have a better chance of getting my house sold than the realtors I'd dealt with in the past. My biggest worry was what I might still owe the bank after the sale. He assured me that he would work hard to ensure there would be no balance. After nine months, Joel and his team of experts got my home sold with full satisfaction of the loan! I started with $315,000 of debt. After selling the house for $204,000, he totally eliminated the balance of $111,000. It was wiped out… gone!

"When signing the final papers for the sale, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders! I could finally begin to rebuild my life, and my credit. Thanks to Great Lakes Home Solutions for giving me back the confidence and sense of security I need. This company has truly been a blessing for me and can be a blessing for you, too!"

Jeffrey, Benton Harbor, MI

"Using you was the best thing I could have done during this whole process. You explained everything in terms I could understand and kept me updated almost every week. Your assistants were amazing as well. You were so nice to me and were never judgmental to my situation. I appreciated all the phone calls and work you did getting my mortgage company to forgive all past debt and worked really hard to get the best offer from the mortgage company. I would recommend you to all my friends and intend on doing that."

Amanda, Walker, MI

"You helped us get out from under a home where we owed way more than what it was worth. We put forth very little time or effort in the whole deal because you and your team took care of everything. Thank You."

Corey & Patrice, Dutton, MI

"The whole process was very easy and you accomplished what you set out to do."

Robert, Hamilton, MI

"You did all the work. I provided some information and you took it all from there. In less than six months my house was sold and closing couldn't have been easier. They kept their word and did what they said they would do. I will definitely refer you to family and friends."

Jenny, Cedar Springs, MI

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for Joel and Stop Michigan Foreclosures!
Mark, Mattawan, MI

Here’s a quick note to thank you for your help in stopping the foreclosure on my home and helping me arrange a payment plan with Waterfield so that I could keep it. Not only did you save my credit from the foreclosure, but you helped me stay in my home, which was my number one goal.

As you know, I was about 6 payments behind and facing a foreclosure sale about 4 weeks away when I called you. I really didn’t know what options I had, and that I had so many options. I thought it was all pretty hopeless. The letters you sent to me brought me hope, and educated me to some of the options. I was still a bit hesitant to call you because I thought your goal would be to buy my home – and I wanted to keep it. What a relief it was to hear you tell me that your goal was to help me reach my goal. When I told you my goal was to keep my home, and you didn’t try to convince me to sell it to you, I realized I had the “real deal”. When you told me you’d never ask me for any money, I was shocked (but quite pleased).

Everyone else I talked to either wanted to be paid, or wanted to buy my home – what a pleasant contrast!

After I gave the bank permission to talk with you, you were right on top of it. The bank told you what they needed from me to work out a payment plan, which you passed on to me. After getting my financial information to the bank and giving them an initial down payment, they gave me a payment plan that will have me completely caught up in 7 months.

I appreciate that you were always there to answer my questions as they came up and you didn’t hold any information back – a real “straight shooter” as you say. Even when I left you voice mails messages, you called me back that same day or early the next day. Terrific response.

Thank you again for taking me from what I thought was a truly hopeless situation to a point where I get to keep my home.


Frank, Portage, MI

Joel – you did it!

We can’t begin to thank you enough for what you did. We had lost all hope, but you made it all happen – stopping the foreclosure and saving our credit from further damage. You even managed to get us cash at closing!

With everything bad that happened in our lives (health problems and eventual passing of Mom, pay cuts at work, etc.) it was such a relief to have you come in and save the day!

We think we know why we where so surprised you stopped the bank from foreclosing on our home:

1) Every other person (Realtor, Investor, whoever) told us there was nothing that could be done because we owed too much on the house and couldn’t afford it any more. They just said it was just a matter of time before we’d lose it to foreclosure and have that HUGE negative mark on our credit. Even those “we buy houses” guys wouldn’t touch it.

2) You kept running into problem after problem dealing with our lender. But nothing would stop you. You persisted through over 4 months of negotiations with the bank.

In the end, you got them to reduce the debt so you could come in and buy it – stopping the foreclosure and getting the bank to give you time to close.

Thanks for being there to answer our questions and give us updates when we needed it and for being such a “straight shooter” as you say – telling us like it is. We didn’t think there was anyone that would persist like you did – thanks for far exceeding our expectations!


Pat & Tracey, Portage, MI

Joel, prior to contacting you, I had attempted to work out my situation with Homecomings on my own. They sent me forms to fill out, which I got back to them right away, and then I waited, and waited, and waiting, just assuming they were working on a plan for me.

I was shocked when I got that first letter from you saying that Homecomings was foreclosing on my home! I thought I had it under control. If you hadn’t sent me those notes, I never would have known they were foreclosing!

I really appreciate you walking me through the process for dealing with them. You helped me take control of the situation, instead of sitting back and waiting from them to deal with it. As it turned out, if I had continued to wait, I would have lost my home to foreclosure. Instead, thanks in part to your help, they approved me for a payment plan that fits my budget perfectly.

With so many people out there wanting to “help” me (by buying my home – which I wanted to keep, or by wanting to charge for their advice), it was so refreshing dealing with you.

You always took the time to talk and return my phone calls, even when you were about to board an airplane.

Thanks again for all of your time in helping save my home.

All the best,
Claudette, Kalamazoo, MI

Joel, thank you so much for stopping the foreclosure on the house and saving my credit! Now I can start my life over and not have to deal with a nasty foreclosure on my credit report for the next 10 years. What a relief!

Less importantly, but still a nice surprise was the cash you were able to give me at closing. That of course never would have happened if my lender had foreclosed.

I really believe this whole process was a blessing in disguise. With the job market the way it’s been lately, I now realize there would have been no way for me to continue to make payments on the house until I changed careers. Now that this is behind me, I can move forward with my education for my career change. I’m starting over with a clean slate and know that when I’m ready, my credit won’t be permanently damaged.

It’s funny that I got your number from another investor who quit the real estate business. From what I hear, that happens a lot, and I see why – it’s a lot of work! I’m glad you’ve stuck it out for so long and were here to help me.

Thanks again for all of your help!

Kim, Bloomingdale Township, MI

Late last year, I was in imminent jeopardy of losing my home. I had several persons/businesses to contact me after having found out that my house was up for sheriff’s sale. When Joel contacted me, I expected to hear the same line of how he could get me a few thousand dollars in my pocket before I had to vacate my home. However, Joel spoke to me as a trusted friend!! After explaining to him my situation, Joel gave me advice that ultimately led to my keeping my home I did NOT have to pay thousands of dollars on top of what I had owed because I was behind. The help and advice that Mr. Zieve gave to me was invaluable, timely, and unselfish. He showed me that he was in the game to HELP people, not to take advantage of their dire financial situation. Joel was a Godsend.

Chris, Kalamazoo, MI

Dear Joel,

I am writing this to thank you for helping me with the house. When the payments became too much for me after my wife left me, I didn’t know what to do. This house had been my dream home and seeing that dream being destroyed was devastating. Fortunately, my mortgage broker told me that you may be able to help me when he know no one else could. I didn’t think anyone could help me at that point but he convinced me I had nothing to lose by calling you. So I did and boy, am I glad.

Thank you for listening to me and explaining my options. Thank you for understanding what was most important to me – my 2 boys and being able to support them without ruined credit haunting me. The money you were able to get for me when my house sold will help with the boys as well. The whole situation was very overwhelming and confusing and I am glad you were able to go to bat for me and arrange for a satisfactory ending. Now, I can move on with my life thanks to you.

I know that you told me many times that bad things happen to good people and that sums up my story. I don’t wish the last 5 months on anyone, but if I ever know anyone going through the bad times I just went through, I will tell them to call you right away and get you on their side so their credit isn’t ruined for years.

Chris, Portage, MI

Joel –

When my neighbor told me how you were helping another neighbor get out of a foreclosure mess, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to call you. I was pretty far behind with my payments with no money to catch up so I didn’t see how you could make it any worse.

I was right, because things began improving as soon as you got involved. You got the bank to relook at the situation and really understand that they were better off working with you than just foreclosing on my house. You helped me through the whole process, and kept me informed on the status with the bank. My credit was already bad, but I didn’t want a foreclosure on it and you kept the foreclosure off.

I would recommend you to anyone else having a hard time keeping up with their house payment. Sometimes it is better just to cut your losses and move on and that is what you have allowed me to do. Thanks.

Robert, Portage, MI

Our house was in foreclosure and our attorney didn’t seem to be doing anything to help us get the mortgage reinstated, he is still “waiting for a phone call”. We only had 30 days before the house was to be auctioned off.

Then we received a letter from Joel letting us know that there were options. I called Joel and he immediately contacted the mortgage company and their attorney. Once Joel knew the details of the situation, he gave us the information we needed.

2 weeks after first talking to Joel and 2 weeks before the auction, our mortgage was reinstated.

If not for Joel’s advice and guidance we would not have gotten the mortgage reinstated and would have lost our home.

David & Lori, Cooper Township, MI

When we realized how serious the problem, we turned to you. Really, no reason at first, just a number in the pile of mail.

After speaking with Joel, I felt more relaxed, he directed me to take a few focused steps to end foreclosure. He didn’t talk down to me or act as if I had committed an unforgivable crime. His only care was our comfort at stopping the loss of our home.

Thank you for the consideration and respect given in a situation already low enough. We have our beloved home back :-)

Anita & Gary, Comstock, MI

"My experience was greatly helpful as I had no where else to go. Very helpful and informational, I couldn't have done it without them. I truly appreciated all the effort they put into this. I would recommend them to anyone in the same situation as myself. Thank you so much for all the work & help you gave me on selling my house. It is truly appreciated.

Susan, Wyoming, MI

"We are completely satisfied with the services we received throughout this process. We found ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation and the whole Great Lakes Home Solutions Team did a wonderful job making us feel comfortable and keeping us up to date on the entire process. We are very pleased with everything that Great Lakes Home Solutions has done for us. Greg is tickled! Thank you so much for all your help. We feel that a very hard situation was made much easier because of the help and support of Joel and his team."

Lisa & Greg, Kalamazoo, MI

"Great people, caring people, who you can talk to any day you need to. They answer any questions you may have, and are always friendly and listen to you. They always keep your privacy important."

Terry & Sue, Burr Oak, MI

"We could no longer make our payments on our mortgage and found ourselves going into foreclosure. We found Great Lakes Home Solutions, Inc. by doing a search on the internet, and Joel agreed to meet with us right away. Our house was listed just before Christmas and it sold the following May. We still owed $179,000, the house sold for $92,000, and Joel was able to get our mortgage company to accept the sale as 'paid in full'. He saved us from having a foreclosure on our credit haunting us for a long time. Thank You!!"

Shawn & Kathleen Stewart, Waterford, MI

"First I would like to say Thank You to Joel and his team of people that helped me with my home. I was facing a terrible situation-FORECLOSURE!!!! I thought there was no other option for me until I met with Joel. He was very helpful and knowledgeable in regards to stopping foreclosure, and informing me of all my options. Joel was very honest and upfront with me through this whole process. He negotiated with my bank and set me up with a realtor, which in turn was able to sell my home, and not let it go into foreclosure. I would highly recommend anyone who is facing foreclosure and really needs to sell their home to seek the help of Joel and his team, they helped me when no one else could."

Lisa, Kalamazoo, MI

"We feel that everyone involved in the sale of our home at Great Lakes Home Solutions was pleasant and very helpful to work with"

James and Julie, East Leroy, MI

"They did a good job! Kept us informed, took care of everything, and called both of us even when we weren't together. Emily, thank you very much, and your coworkers Ann and Joel. You guys did a really fantastic job for us, and I'm glad it was short term, that we found a buyer right away, and I really appreciate you guys' help on this. If we happen to know anybody going through this, yes, we will send them your way; that will not be a problem. Thank you very much for helping us out!"

Jill and Doug, Hickory Corners

"The entire Great Lakes team has been wonderful to work with, providing excellent customer service and thorough knowledge and understanding of my individual needs in terms of financial hardship. Without the diligent efforts of Joel, Ann & Emily, I would have had to file bankruptcy. Instead, my house sold and I was able to walk away from $105,000 of debt."

Cari, Galesburg, MI

"I found myself, like a lot of other homeowners, owing on my mortgage a payment I could not afford. On top of that, I relocated to the other side of the state for a new job. Paying both a mortgage payment on a house that was vacant along with rent at my new place just became a huge burden on my life. With the help of Joel and the Great Lakes Home Solutions Team, they were able to sell a house that I had for sale on the market for over a year with no offers, in just 3 months! They were able to wipe out over $64K in debt to my mortgage companies. This is something that I couldn't imagine. From the bottom of my heart I truly thank them for all they did and would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thanks again!"

Michael, Sterling Heights, MI




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