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Don't ignore the phone calls and letters from your Mortgage Company or bank! This is the fastest way to lose your home and to wake up to a knock from the Sheriff telling you to “move out, you’ve got 15 minutes”. Take this situation very seriously and work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Keep all correspondence you receive. Beware: Dealing with the bank without someone on your side could actually speed up the foreclosure process!

Stay in your home. You won’t qualify for many of the foreclosure options if you move out of the home. Your home, if proven vacant, can be seized.

Get educated about the foreclosure process and your rights. You've already started - by reading this website. Discover:

Too much information? Confusing? That's OK, contact us right now and we'll simplify it for you.

Contact us to discuss what the best foreclosure solutions are for you. We will negotiate on your behalf with the Mortgage Company. We understand the system, the foreclosure laws and the time-line of events necessary to help you keep your home out of foreclosure. We do this every day by helping good people like you that have had bad things happen to them. You need a Specialist and an Advocate working for you, certainly NOT the bank or a predatory investor!









We can save your home from foreclosure!
There are many companies and individuals in Michigan that promise that “I Buy Houses” or “I Stop Foreclosures”.
You need to understand that many of them are much more interested in taking your home and your equity than they are about helping you. See this Special Report for details.

Too much information? Confusing? That's OK, contact us right now and we'll simplify it for you.

You NEED To Take Control - Click Here to learn how. | You DO Have Options - Click Here to see them all.

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