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Stopping Michigan Foreclosures!



Follow These 4 Simple Action Steps for a Proactive, Positive Solution:

STEP #1: Make a commitment to yourself to be a proactive, take control and stop Foreclosure. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to find a solution.

STEP #2: List your objectives. Do you want to take control of your situation?
Do you want to pay an Attorney $1000’s of dollars for a temporary fix that you can do on your own, or do you want to permanently solve this Foreclosure problem and put it behind you so you can move on?

The way to learn about the best solution for you, is by asking specific questions and listen carefully to the answers. Here are several questions to ask a Mortgage Broker, Attorney, REALTOR®, the Lender who is Foreclosing on you, or Credit Repair Companies. You certainly don’t want to miss the questions to ask any “We Buy Houses” investors or foreclosure specialists you choose to talk with.

Don't be afraid to take these lists with you and ask these questions! This is YOUR future, and you must make an informed decision about what the correct course of action is for you.


  1. What is my guarantee that you will close my loan before it goes to Foreclosure at the court steps?
  2. Will you commit to me in writing?
  3. What interest rate are you getting me?
  4. How many points are you charging me?
  5. Will my monthly payments be more than what they are now?
  6. What are the closing costs and how do they get paid?
  7. Are you going to get me a fixed loan or will my payments increase significantly at any time?
  8. If my payments are going to increase, how much will they be?
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  1. Will filing Bankruptcy make the Foreclosure go away for good, or is it a temporary fix?
  2. How much do you charge to file Bankruptcy?
  3. Do I have to take any required classes on Bankruptcy before I file?
  4. How much money will those classes cost me and how long will they be?
  5. How much will my new monthly payments be? Will they increase over time?
  6. What happens if I can’t afford the payments? Will I still lose the house to foreclosure?
  7. How will the Bankruptcy affect my credit?
  8. Will the Bankruptcy be public record where anyone can see that I filed?
  9. How long will the Bankruptcy remain on public records?
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  1. What is your guarantee that you will sell the house and close before it goes to Foreclosure at the court steps? Remind them that if they wait to sell the house during the redemption period, that the Foreclosure will still be on your credit, which doesn't solve your problem.
  2. What if I find someone on my own who wants to buy the house, do I still have to pay you a commission?
  3. If the house is sold at a price that won’t cover all of your commissions, do I still have to come out of pocket and pay you?
  4. What happens to me if you don't sell the house and I lose it to Foreclosure at the court steps?
  5. Are you only going to sell the house at a price for you to receive full commission?
  6. How long will your listing contract tie up the house and entitle you to a commission?
  7. Can I cancel the listing when ever I want?
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  1. Can you work out a payment plan (forbearance) with me?
  2. Will my monthly payments increase?
  3. How much will they increase?
  4. Will you show in writing the terms of the forbearance plan you’re suggesting?
  5. If I agree to these terms, will you agree in writing to stop the Foreclosure?
  6. What happens if I’m late on this payment plan?
  7. Do you start where you left off with the Foreclosure?
  8. With the significant increase in monthly payments, what percentages of people end up back in Foreclosure because they cannot afford the monthly payment?
  9. How many people still go to Foreclosure after working out forbearance?
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  1. Do you guarantee your service? The correct (legal) answer is No. By LAW, no credit repair service can guarantee a specific outcome for using their services. And they certainly cannot give you a timeframe in which your scores will go up. If they answer "Yes", stay away from them.
  2. Is your service legal? In order for a credit repair company or attorney to practice credit repair, they must follow the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA). To see if a company is in compliance with CROA, go to www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/croa/croa.htm
  3. How do I know if your service is working?
  4. What types of credit reports will you use in updating my case? Make sure they use the credit reports from the three credit reporting agencies.
  5. Can I pay for your service in advance? The correct (legal) answer is No. In order to comply with the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) firms can only charge for Services rendered. If they answer "Yes", stay way from them.
  6. Can I cancel your service whenever I want?
  7. Will I be able to speak to someone about my case? Do you have customer service assistants?
  8. Do you offer a "new credit identity" or perform "file segregation"? If they answer "Yes" to either of these questions, stay away from them.
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STEP # 4: Once you’re ready to make an informed intelligent decision act on it immediately, before it’s too late. Remember time is your worst enemy.

The purpose of these four steps is to empower you with the information and questions you need to make a wise decision in choosing the best solution for you. If you only want a temporary fix then you should call one of the people listed in step # 3. Just do something before it’s too late.

But if you want to be proactive, solve your problem and move toward a better future, then we invite you to take action and contact us now.


















































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